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Timings for all Programs will be 9.30 am to 5.00 pm
1 Soft Skills & Professional Transformation Introduction to Soft Skills & Etiquettes, Why we require to learn these skills, Business & Corporate Ethics, Inter-cultural & International Etiquettes, Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution, Presentation & Communication Techniques, Interpersonal Skills, Emotional intelligence, Team Building, Effective Meetings, Business Card Rules, Clothing & Dressing Sense, Telephone Do's & Don'ts, Tour, Travel & Driving Know how, Fine Dining, Washroom Etiquettes, Participating in Party or Events, Social Etiquettes, Desk Management, Wokrplace Etiquettes, Hiring & Firing Tips, Negotiation Techniques, Customer & Vendor Handling, Effective use of Internet and Email, Respecting Relegion, Employee & Employer Behavior

2 Finance for Non Finance Professionals

What is Finance & Accounts, What is Debit-Credit, What is Financial Year & Calendar Year, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account, Ratios, MIS (Management Information System), Management Accounting, Cost Accounting, Financial Accounting, Budgeting, Cash Flow, Taxation & Laws, Statutory Compliances

3 Digital Marketing, Social Media & SEO

What is Digital Marketing, What is Social Media, What is Search Engine Optimization, Why Digital Marketing, Methods of Digital Marketing, Social Media Use (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc), Email marketing, Search Engine Optimization Techniques, Blog & Directory Submission, Google Analytic, Meta Tagging, Effective Use of Cloud Computing, Content Optimization, Pull Digital Marketing, Push Digital Marketing

4 MS Project (2007 & 2010)

Introduction to MS Project, Creating New Project Plan, Types of Scheduling, Saving Project Plan, Entering Tasks, Task Durations, Milestones, Setting up Work Resources, Resource Capacity, Resource Calendars, Assigning Work Resources, Adding / Removing Work Resources, Lead & Lag, Critical Path, Creating Project Baseline, Daily Progress at Task Level, Creating Resource Pool, Using & Updating Resource Pool, Consolidating Projects, Inter-project Dependencies

5 End to End Project Management (PMP)

Project, Program & Portfolio Management, Role of Project Sponsor(s) & Stakeholders, Role of Project Manager on a Project, Project Stages & Project Planning, Developing Project Management Plans, Planning the Project & it’s phases, Cost Estimation & Critical Path Method, Project budgeting & cost reserves, Executing the Project, Earned Value Management System, Monitoring & Controlling the Project, Managing Time, Cost, Scope & Quality, Integration Management, Implementing Quality Management, Managing Human Resources on Project, Acquiring, Developing & Managing Teams

6 Macros Programming in Excel

Create a Macro, Excel Macro Recorder, Macro Security, Visual Basic Editor, Macro Comments, MsgBox, Macro Errors, Debug Macros, Objects, Properties and Methods, Workbook and Worksheet, Application Object, Variables, String Manipulation, Calculate, If Then Statement, Cells, Loop, Logical Operators, Range, Events, Array, Date and Time, Function and Sub, Textbox, Listbox, Combobox, Checkbox, Option Buttons, Userform

7 MS Excel (2007 & 2010)

Excel Quick Overview, Data Formatting, Conditional Formatting, Filters, Queries, Data Sorting, Formula Writing & Fixing Errors, If-Then-Else & Nested If commands, Vlookup / Hlookup, Graphs & Charts, Hyper / Data Linking, Grouping – Ungrouping, Pivot Tables, Macros Recording, Security & Protection, Data validation

8 MS Power Point (2007 & 2010)

Power Point Overview, Creating a Presentation, Formatting Presentation, Simple Presentation, Custom & Advance Presentation, Adding Graphics, Adding Tables, Adding Animation, Adding Charts, Adding Notes, Printing Tips & Slide Sorter

Service Tax is included in the cost. Lunch, Tea/Coffee, Snacks & Training Material will be provided to all participants. Please bring your laptop for MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Access, Macros Programming, MS Project & Digital Marketing Programs preloaded with MS Office 2007
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